OMNIBRANDS LLC is the brand and license division, with a diverse portfolio:
DEWALT: Pro-end user work socks with technical applications.
Realtree: Outdoor sport and lifestyle socks with finishes applicable to the environment.
Dickies (Canada only): Lifestyle socks and underwear.
Pajar: Cold weather fashion socks based on an all-season footwear brand.


Aspiring to the highest levels of quality, creativity, originality and a distinctive style, our brands stay ahead of the market by the development of innovative yarn compositions and technical applications ensuring comfort, durability, fit and function.

Natural yarns: Soy, Organic, Cotton, Sea Shell, Bamboo, Viscose, Alpaca, Cashmere, Silk.
Next generation: Eco-friendly program BCI (Better Cotton Initiative)
Technical yarns and wicking fibers: X-Static™, Olefin™, Nano-Silver™, Cool Max™, Silvadur™, Cupron™ and Kevlar™
Fire Retardant yarns and components for the Pro-end user: Lenzing™ and Nomex™
Merino Wool with its anti-bacterial & wicking properties for function and fashion.
Medical Socks with specific compression qualities for circulation issues and anti-compression for conditions such as diabetes.
Technical Sport applications for Professional athletes in all areas of sport: selective cushioning, compression, ventilation, anti-friction and wicking properties.
Environmental Elements applications: Anti-mosquito, Anti-black fly, Anti Tick and Waterproof


OMNIBRANDS LLC’s goal is to build a diverse portfolio and proactively seek new brands to complement our existing roster.